Cindy Cabanski

Memorial Lutheran Church

WS Designs has amazing and talented website designers.  The website that was created for our church is colorful, full of pictures, all of the information is placed in prominent locations and is easy to navigate through. They are very caring and compassionate designers….always available and willing to help us……never once criticizing us for not knowing how to post to our website, but always encouraging us and staying positive. Designer Christina is going to train our church staff how to post to our website and we look forward to learning from her.  I think anyone who uses WS Designs to design their website will be very happy with their look and the experience of working with such a talented designers. 

Jim McCoy

JM Sales & Marketing

It is with great pleasure to offer my recommendation of WS Designs as reliable and dedicated professionals that will work for you on producing a terrific web site and can assist you in any Marketing needs. WS Designs has worked with me over ten years. They have been a valuable asset to my business and kept our organization on top of all the dynamics of the constant changes and challenges of the information technology age  you are considering any changes or improvements to your company give WS Designs a chance to prove to you what they can do for your company. I am sure you will be delighted with the results.

Jane Jennings

Magnificat Rochester Chapter

WSD, we are very grateful that you agreed to be the webmaster for the Rochester Chapter of Magnificat. From the beginning, you have demonstrated patience with our lack of knowledge in this area and with our inability to explain our requirements. Fortunately, you were able to anticipate our needs and within a short period of time our website was operational. As we send you updates and changes to the site, you make them in a reasonable period of time and to our specifications always willing to do more if asked. You are always professional and courteous and, again, patient with us. Thank you so much for bringing our chapter into the 21st Century Chris; we could not have done it without you! 

Dennis Verbocy

OraTec Corporation

Thanks WS Designs for working with us to create a professional business website so our customers can order directly and read about our medical products. The WS Design team had many great ideas and helped us do things we didn’t know possible. Your design was fantastic! You are on the New age of Design. You were so easy to talk with and was great at listening to our needs and creating our professional site. We have had many customers compliment our site. It has definitely helped our business grow.

Debbie W., CEO

City of Cheer GEMS

I was having and you re-did my whole website for me, down to the smallest detail including helping me to update my logo. WS Designs determination allowed for quick turn-around time and making sure everything I wanted was completed. I can’t thank WS Designs enough for all of your help and hard work. I just know that City of Cheer GEMS will be more successful because of our beautiful new website, all thanks to WS Designs.

Jackie McDivitt

Having managed and monitored a private Facebook group, the use of FV-Pics website has enabled me to interact with all the members to participate with ease of use. Using the built in Notepad to hold copied links has minimized the amount of tabs that need to be open. The pictures are timely and the addtional info such as quest and countdown links just enhances. Not to forget the LINK SHORTENER!

RHYNO Solutions

Thank you! I knew nothing about websites, search engines or how to go about getting my new business out there. The WS Design team was a lifesaver! You had a lot of patience with me since I was clueless what I wanted. WS Designs helped me from start to finish. Now, I have tons of customers all thanks to an amazing website!! Thanks Again.

STS Solutions

WS Designs has been our IT service and doing our website design since I started with STS over a decade ago. WS Designs does a great job of keeping it current and is very responsive and is very easy to work with.  I would recommend WS Designs for any website design and IT needs

Samantha McDonald

Body Mind Spirit Harmony Services

WS Designs completely redesigned my business website to make it more streamlined and user-friendly, while including all the important elements. I have no experience in web design, and they made it so easy for me. I am delighted with the look of my website and the ongoing support. I would recommend WS Designs to anyone seeking a well-designed and professional website.